Do Bol's OST: Love, Heartbreak, Betrayal & Strong Bond of Marriage

Dramas are a weekly thing and they need to be interesting enough to keep the audiences engaged during their on average 27-28 episode run. This requires commitment of about six months to a serial by the viewers.

Does Badar Really Deserve To Be With Geeti In Do Bol?

The only way to keep them hooked is by creating good content. There are quite a few drama currently airing that have this down and have become immensely popular as a result.

Drama Recommendation: Catch the Budding Romance in Do Bol

A star cast and a powerful OST maybe be the initial hook, but a powerful story is what keeps the audience dedicated to the serial throughout. One drama that deserves praise and special mention is the super fresh Do Bol, that has recently started.

The dram stars Hira Mani and Affan Waheed in lead roles along with Haroon Shahid, Zainab Qayyum and Mahmood Aslam, to name a few, in supporting roles. While the cast is powerful it is the story that has us impressed.

Do Bol’s Upcoming Episode: Betrayal, Heartbreak & Forced Marriage

Do Bol’s popularity is immense and fans are praising the drama left and right. The story is not a straight forward love story which makes it stand out amongst other dramas.

The drama is number two as per our top five dramas of the week. It is quite possible that it will go up to number 1 next week. It was already high on buzz on social media before it started, and it is still immensely popular.

Do Bol’s OST: Love, Heartbreak, Betrayal & Strong Bond of Marriage

The audiences are always up for something different in contrast to the run of the mill content. While the story is different, it does have characters that make it so relatable. Hira Mani (Geeti) ‘s father played by Mahmood Aslam is a typical eastern father who has his own philosophy of parenting and is influenced by siblings above all.

He is not at all concerned with the wishes of his own daughter, nor does he care to go beyond the blinded love for his sister to see the real face of Zafar, with whom he planned on marrying off Geeti. His resentment for his wife is also somehow being exacted on his daughter.

On the other hand, her step mother’s characterization is a breath of fresh air, as a loving sincere mother to Geeti with whom Geeti feels a special bond.

Affan Waheed & Hira Mani Starrer Do Bol Takes Us On An Emotional Ride!

Geeti is a strong minded girl who is sure of what she wants in life and does not hesitate speaking up for herself. Similarly she doesn’t shy away from expressing her resentment towards Badar. Her character is more transparent than any other in the drama. Hira’s performance is commendable and makes us love Geeti!

Badar’s character has layers as well, and is capable of manipulation when need be. These characteristics makes the story interesting. The drama so far has kept it real with minimal dramatization and exaggeration. This is a major reason that the serial touches base with the viewers and is definitely worth their time.

Upcoming drama ‘Do Bol’ promotes the institution of marriage

Haroon Shahid(Sameer) plays the secondary hero who does not deserve what he gets. His misfortune makes you sympathize with him and make you wish something good happens to him in the future.Every character big or small creates an impact and is not over shadowed by the other. This is a major plus!

So far the pace of the drama is going well, with every episode there is something new happening , keeping the drama interesting and not a drag.

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Special mention to the writer Sarwat Nazeer who has not only beautifully crafted the characters, she has also given substantial dialogues to them.

If you haven’t watched it as yet we suggest you get started!


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