An exciting new online streaming portal is being launched by the hugely acclaimed international giant Disney. The portal is titled “Disney plus” This Thursday, Disney announced the launch date of Disney Plus and the inauguration of three new TV series.

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The first series will be based on Loki from the Thor franchise. Loki will be portrayed by Tom Hiddleston. The second series will be based on Scarlet Witch and Vision from Avengers. While, the third series will be based on Falcon from Captain America’s series.

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Disney plus will be launched on 12th November with a monthly subscription at 6.99 $. Audiences will be able to see all Disney’s highly acclaimed and adored films on Disney plus including Star Wars films, Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Xmen films, Avatar and Indian Jones series.

Disney also owns Lucasfilm and Pixar and therefore we will be able to see Pixar cartoons on Disney plus. Stars War’s new series Star Wars: Rogue One will also release on Disney Plus as announced by Disney. In addition, The Simpsons will also stream on Disney Plus as The Simpsons have been acquired by Disney after its merger with Fox.

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Disney is pulling out its content from all online streaming portals including Netflix and is gearing up for a grand launch of its own portal. With Disney plus being launched in November this year, fans will be able to see all their favorite Disney films, series and cartoons on Disney Plus only.


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