Disney is on its way to either ruining our favorite childhood comedy films or give us a healthy dose of nostalgia. Considering how the most recent remakes have been, it is rather difficult to say.

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Disney is gearing up to launch its own streaming service in November, Disney +, which will be home to many new series announced by the network. Star Wars and Marvel universe will be expanding as new series will be launched. The network has also announced some film remakes including Home Alone,Night At the Museum, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Cheaper By the Dozen.

Home Alone was released back in 1990 around Christmas and still is remembered a great comedy film. The film originally starred Macaulay Culkin as the mischievous Kevin!

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So far there is no news on who will be playing the iconic characters, just the announcement has been made.Home Alone franchise stands as one of the most entertaining films back in the day. However the sequels were not as good as the original. So will the remake be able to move past the bad scripts and replication, only time will tell.


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