While it is true that our industry is filled with multi-talented individuals who come together to create something amazing, there is always room for improvement. Like any other field showbiz also has proper institutes teaching state of the art techniques be it for acting, writing, direction, cinematography, lighting.

The technical know how of the industry is what makes the content even better and liked by the audience. While in conversation with the actor Ali Kazmi we asked him how his experience working abroad has been different than working here?

The actor started his career at a very early age as a child star in Pakistani dramas and later on went abroad to join film school. After graduating he stayed in Canada and worked there. His role in a theater play helped him land some good roles overseas. While he got a chance to work in Hollywood he also came back home and is currently working in dramas and films including upcoming film Lal Kabootar.

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The Baghi actor mentioned that people in the West are more efficient and they learn what they don’t know as well. He identified the gap that exists in Pakistan is that we lack proper institutes that can guide and educate the new generation. There should be programs to mentor even the technical crew like cameraman. There should be separate programs to for writing drama’s script and for films. He emphasized on the fact that if some attention is paid in this area we can surely see some improvement in the quality of work.

Watch his take on the issue here:

Such institutes are not completely absent but not operating at an efficient level. A new acting and drama school by Ajoka theater has just opened in Lahore.We hope that we get to see more institutes at large scale to fill this gap.

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