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“Dil Mom Ka Diya” is an ARY serial written by Saira Raza and directed by Shahid Shafaat. It stars Neelum Munir, Yasir Nawaz, Hirai Mani and Imran Ashraf in the leading roles.

The latest double episode of the serial did not have anything which can be considered as something extremely essential in carrying the story forward except for the blooming romantic feelings between Tamkinat (Hira Mani) and Azhar (Imran Ashraf). However, there were many incidents which told that Ulfat (Neelum Muni) is a stamped egoist, proud woman and a blackmailer who thinks she has the right to abuse and insult anyone but when it comes to herself, she does not give even a second’s thought and walks out on everyone.

In this episode, Salma (Erum Akhtar) invites some people to talk about Kausar’s (Zubi Majeed) wedding and Ulfat creates an embarrassing situation for the whole family by ignoring the guests first and enacting a deep sleep. When Salma stabilizes the situation by lying that Ulfat’s father is not well due to which she had to leave, Ulfat arrives and defames Salma and Kausar by saying that no one woke her up and that she does not have any importance in the affairs of the house. She further blackmails her husband, Afzal (Yasir Nawaz) by saying that she won’t step inside his house if he does not go against his own siblings and defend his wife. She then plays with his feelings by sitting all day long in the scorching heat along with her little son so that her husband can be emotionally blackmailed and be convinced to drop her to her mother’s place.

The episode ended on Ulfat having arrived to her mother’s place again after fighting with her in-laws. What to look forward are the facts if she will go again and if she does, what conditions she will put again before her husband. And will she be able to accept her cousin, Tamkinat’s romantic relation with her husband’s brother, Afzal, a member of a family she already hates? Will the relation be allowed to grow?

Overall, it was an interesting episode with intense scenes of Ulfat and her in-laws moving parallel to the soft, romantic scenes of Tamkinat and Azhar. The acting of everyone is quite convincing, especially the child-star playing Asad whose expressions on his mother’s ignorance make even the viewers emotional.

What makes this serial different is its idea which is opposite to the common theme of an oppressed woman whose life is ruined by everyone. This serial talks about a woman who has made the lives of everyone around her a living hell.


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