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Writer: Saira Raza

Director: Shahid Shafaat

Production House: Next Level Entertainment & Six Sigma Plus

The important event of the latest episode was Azhar and Tamkinat’s Nikah, to the intense happiness of both the characters. Ulfat, however, continues with her evil tactics and in search for some way to annoy everyone, dresses up exactly like Tamkinat on the night of Nikah so that she may be able to snub the bride and show her as less pretty, with no uniqueness in her attire at all. This greatly disturbs Salma and other guests, but things fall into place once Tamkinat makes everyone realize that it is her soft temperament and a kind heart that dominates superficial things like looks and dressing. Ulfat gears up for another disaster when she decides to jump in the dinner taking place at Salma’s house, arranged for Kausar’s in-laws. But luckily, Afzal enters the house and before she is about to step outside, catches her and makes her drop her plan.

The pleasant thing about this episode was that despite Ulfat’s continuous struggles to create problems for others, two events succeed in taking place, one of the Nikah and the other of Kausar’s engagement. Kausar’s repeated insult by Ulfat made us worried about her happiness and future prospects in the previous episodes but this episode eliminated that fear.

Still unsatisfied, the last trick which Ulfat plays is to make her parents realize that her husband is the one supporting them financially, which comes as a big embarrassment for Tamkinat who decides to support her uncle and aunt herself in the future and returns everything. But she is pacified by Afzal who shows consistency in his kindness and does not back off despite Ulfat’s rudeness.

On the whole, it was quite a nice episode and Neelum Munir, as always, was amazing as a jealous, rude and proud girl who thinks about herself only. Erum Akhtar also needs to be praised, for this actress we have been watching since PTV days has grown very mature not only in her acting, but in her delivery of dialogues as well. Her Urdu accent is very clear.

The decoration of the Nikah event seemed a little dull and not very bright, but considering that it is exactly how the family lives despite being well-off made it convincing. The house shown in which Afzal dwells with his siblings and wife is big but not very stylishly furnished, and the same reservation in the decor was shown in the Nikah scene. It was not over-done.

Something which this episode made us understand was that Ulfat is not really in love with Afzal but it seems as if she has married him for wealth only. This is revealed when Ulfat, like some previous episodes, reiterates in this episode that her husband looks older and like a “jin”. And this is something which Afzal always ignores in love of his wife who is completely indifferent to others’ feelings.

One disturbing thing is Ulfat’s behaviour with her son, which is very painful to see as one does not expect from a mother to keep dragging her children on the floor all the time. But again, this unusual and unsettling behaviour is what makes the character interesting and what makes us await for the results.


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