Written by:  Saira Raza

Directed by: ShahidShafat

Produced by: Next Level Entertainment and Six Sigma Plus

Today’s episode was very heart touching as it had many emotional scenes. After divorce Ulfat (NeelumMuneer) demands her “Mahr” and all her belongings including jewelry and clothes. Afzal (Yasir Nawaz) agrees upon giving her all what she is demanding but is adamant about not giving her their children.

Azhar’s entire family, except Kausarhave taken a disliking toUlfat and are now against Tamkinat as well. Akmal (Hasam Khan) asksAzhar (Imran Ashraf) to divorce Tamkinat as early as possible. Ulfat’s family is also suffering due to her as Farhat’s (Alizey Shah) engagement breaks in all this mess.

While Tamkinat is struggling to save her relationship from falling apart, Azhar has decided to leave her after all the humiliation caused by Tamkinat’s cousin (Ulfat). Episode ends at a scene where Tamkinat doubts Kausar’s intentions and tells her that she will fight her battle alone without anybody’s help.

Dil Mom ka diya is a story that revolves around a self-obsessed girl (Ulfat) and shows us how her negativity is going to become her own cause of ruin. In addition, it will also affect all those associated with her through kinship. The character of Ulfat seems like a character out of a book. Sheportrays a character who is bold and is different from the character of a typical Pakistani woman. Ulfat is shown to be selfish, cruel, self-centered and extremely bold.

Direction of the drama is very strong with perfection in every single scene. Drone shots were amazing in today’s episode. Melodious OST running in the background also enhances the feel of the scenes. Its script is beautifully written and dialogues are very impactful. Some dialogues from today’s episode were just so on point which includes; Noto ki putli insan burhape main rakh ke bhool jata hai, asal sarmaya to ulad hoti hai, or tumhare to dono hath khali hain. Soo saal ke bad gulak phora to khotee sikee nikle, tum wo sarmaya ho Ulfat. Another spoken by Hira Mani; wakt to muthi main band rait ki tarah dhire dhire sirskta jara hai,esa na ho mere hath khali reh jayen.

 As per performances of the actors, each of them is acting well. Imran Ashraf is as usual doing a phenomenal work leaving a mark with his amazing performance. The character ofUlfat is flawlessly played by the beautiful Neelum Muneer and she has nailed this character so far. Hira mani, Yasir Nawaz and other supporting cast of the serial are also performing wholeheartedly.

Will Tamkinat succeed in saving her marriage? What will be the result of Ulfat’s sinful deeds? Will she take her children from Afzal? What will Azhar do now?

Dil mom ka diya is a fine drama running successfully on ARY Digital and is winning the hearts of the audience by its great story, powerful direction and flawless performances.


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