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Directed by: Shahid Shahfat

Written by: Saira Raza

Produced by: Next Level Entertainment & Six Sigma Plus

Ulfat (Neelum Muneer) demands the divorce from Afzal (Yasir Nawaz). Due to her massive scene created on Molvi Sb’s (Qavi Khan) death, Farhat’s (Alizey Shah) in-laws try to break links with them.

Here comes the biggest flaw of the episode. On the 3rd day of Molvi sb’s death, Tamkinat (Hira Salman) and Farhat have their makeup bright with pink shade on nose point and dark pink lipstick with bright color dresses as well; pinching one?

Azhar (Imran Ashraf) and Tamkinat sort out issues with Farhat’s in-laws. Imran Ashraf’s acting, as usual, is adorable enough.

Ulfat insults Azhar and asks to get out while going out, he listens to the conversation of Farhat and her mother talking about finishing grocery.

Now, another thing is that he stands not even hidden completely that Farhat can see him properly but magically is unable to feel his presence.

Azhar brings grocery for Molvi sb’s family. Tamkinat and mother try to sort Ulfat’s issues with Afzal but she stays on her stance of taking divorce. Afzal comes to talk to Ulfat as a reaction to her for creating false excuses for Afzal’s sister’s family.

Ulfat’s mother and Tamkinat stand quietly while she is insulting Afzal. How can’t the mother step forward and slap her such daughter?

Anyway, she goes to Afzal’s office and creates a big scene disrespecting him in front of whole staff, Azal divorces Ulfat.

Ulfat’s expressions are seen little confusing at the moment and she takes her shoes off and holds them in hand.

Cutest bonding of Afzal and his siblings is shown, the way when he comes back and hugs Afzal is adorable. Akmal gets too furious of Afzal’s insult and Azhar and his sister control him, the scene remained very good. Very emotional acting, dialogues and light setting in the scene of Yasir Nawaz and Imran Ashraf, the way they are hurt and life moving on, it’s adorable. Hira’s acting also went great with the situation.

Farhat’s engagement breaks. Afzal insults Tamkinat and Ulfat’s mother when they come home but he knows everything about the family that they are all good. Azhar and his sister also insult Tamkinat.

The story is getting a wrong turn, why Tamkinat is being punished for what she has not done?

Afzal gets his brothers ready for office. Akmal keeps a gun with him and puts to the employee who talks about them. Azhar slaps him for keeping a gun and the scene went realistic when Azhar unloads the gun and taking the magazine out.

In the coming episodes, Tamkinat would have to face bad time due to Azhar’s ignorance and Ulfat will start to think about new evil ways to hurt them.


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