Critic Rating

Directed by:
Shahid Shahfat

Written by: Saira Raza

Produced by: Next Level Entertainment & Six Sigma Plus

In the first scene, Ulfat (Neelum Muneer) slaps the little kid and it is shown in real. This must be noticed as it is really pathetic on how a little kid is slapped in real for a drama. In the following scene, she brings the spoon of food to the mouth of little kid and then when she heads to eat, she takes the spoon away and eats herself.

Afzal (Yasir Nawaz) hears the conversation of maids about Ulfat’s behavior to the child. He goes to the room and silently observes her.

Azhar (Imran Ashraf) informs Afzal and Ulfat about everything is right. Ulfat remains untouched though. She takes some homeopathic medicine and wastes her child. Afzal comes to know.

Yasir Nawaz’s acting is superb. The way he is depressed and frustrated over the situation and reacts. The best thing about the drama is that in every other drama watched till date, the siblings’ bonding is not shown strong from day one to end. However, in this drama serial, it creates an attachment with the characters and family where brothers stand with each other and take care.

Afzal kicks Ulfat out of the house after she bravely justifies her point of abortion. She reaches her parents’ home and blames Afzal for all misbehavior. Afzal tells her father about what she did.

Ulfat’s father (Qavi Khan) gets a heart attack due to the situation. He continuously calls Afzal in an unconscious and in end, he dies.

In the coming episode, everyone may leave Ulfat alone and she can then get a little lesson with all that she did.

This drama serial is close to reality. The way there is no flaw shown and every realistic aspect is highlighted including how Afzal knows everything about Ulfat but still has to continue because of children. This drama is a combo of all-stars; Imran Ashraf, Yasir Nawaz, Neelum Muneer, Qavi Khan, Hira Salman and all others up to the mark.



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