Critic Rating

Written by: Saira Raza

Directed by: Shahid Shafaat

Produced by: Next Level Entertainment & Six Sigma Plus

The episode number 13 and 14 had more intensity in the marital disorder, adding carelessness from Ulfat (Neelam Muneer) concerning kids. Getting to know about the dowry and jewelry gifted by Afzal (Yasir Nawaz) to Kausar (Zulekha Majeed) on her marriage, the uncontrollable Ulfat couldn’t stay silent. Her taunts made everyone angry. She was annoyed why Azhar (Imran Ashraf) and Akmal (Hasam Khan) were living them in the new home. Moreover, she has got fed up from the minor Hafsa. She dislikes her because of the resemblance with Salma baji (Erum Akhter).

After the head injury of Hafsa due to her carelessness, Afzal has decided not to bring Ulfat back to home. On the other side, she too has decided to lodge a fake FIR concerning domestic violence against Afzal. She has got so much rigid and inflexible that has left her son at home. There is a questionable lack of positivity in the nature of Ulfat. She is a character who is angry not only with her parents and in-laws but also her own self. Almost a 95% negative thinker, she has a serious lack of positivity in her personality. A big question arises here for the writer, Saira Raza: has she seen a character like Ulfat in real life?

As opposed to the male psyche, so far Afzal has been portrayed as a helpless husband. Whereas he must be dominant over his wife regarding domestic and family matters. Can we call Afzal an oppressed husband victimized at the hands of the wife? By now, Ulfat is dominating and creating troubles for in-laws and parents also. Although, she has to face the consequences of her sheer selfishness, sooner or later. Afzal has taken a bold step now, very late, to let Ulfat stay at her parent’s home. But this thing can become a serious hindrance in the matchmaking of the younger sister, Farhat.

Ulfat and Afzal are the main focus of Dil Mom Ka Diya with supporting story tracks. Azhar and Tamkinat (Hira Salman) have their own conflicts. Kausar and Salma are the main characters of in-laws. Saira Raza has given due screen time to all the major and minor characters. Jealousy, revenge, and negativity of Ulfat concerning her in-laws is the main ingredient of the tale.

We saw a fast-paced double episode with the story advancing quickly. It has kept us occupied with no feel of dullness at all. However, the romance relief was very short in this one. Drone shots of Karachi were brilliantly taken. It is delightful to see the use of modern technology in our dramas. Let’s wait for the next episode to see what Afzal and Ulfat are up to. Should we expect Ulfat a bit of flexibility in her behavior for kids?


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