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Written by: Saira Raza

Directed by: Shahid Shafaat

Production House: Next Level Entertainment & Six Sigma Plus

The new double episode of Dil Mom Ka Diya was just the continuation of problems created by Ulfat (Neelum Muneer) for the family. Mainly, the episode covered the events of proposal and marriage ceremonies of Kausar (Zulekha Majeed) and the birth of the daughter of Ulfat. She created a lot of fuss during all the situations. Alongside, she wanted to have the new home as her own, and the brothers of Afzal (Yasir Nawaz) should not be living with them.

Ulfat taunted Kausar that she is ordinary in looks which were hurting for her. However, Tamkinat (Hira Salman) helped Kausar get out of the pain. Afzal has also cleared on Ulfat that he wants his brothers live with him as a family. That is a daring step by Afzal. He is a soft-natured person which Ulfat has been taking unfair advantage of. She came to the marriage party in her normal dress which gave a bad look to the guests. But Salma (Erum Akhter) treated Ulfat just like what she deserved. Salma is the one who has done justice to Ulfat, otherwise, Afzal is trying hard to keep Ulfat happy. That is why he sold out the family home.

Now the chapter of sufferings for Kausar from the side of Ulfat is over. But the woes of Afzal and his younger brothers are not going to end soon. Afzal has to take a bold measure to bring Ulfat on the right path. He has given the sacrifice of his family home to keep Ulfat happy but she is a sort of person who can’t stay contented. Her list of desires and the pain of Afzal will remain there. One thing is pretty clear that sooner or later Ulfat is going to be isolated as she has displeased all the relations around including her parents.

We saw romantic interactions continuing between Azhar (Imran Ashraf) and Tamkinat. It gave us smiles and a feeling of lightness in between the family politics of Ulfat and tensions.

Neelum Muneer is fully fit in her character. She has been doing negative or semi-negative roles earlier also but this one is going to be a major hit of her acting career. Hira Salman, Yasir Nawaz, Erum Akhtar, and Imran Ashraf, too, are playing their roles beautifully.

The setting and décor in mehndi and marriage scenes were brilliant. Costumes were also according to the latest fashion trends. DOP and light man also did their part in a good manner.

Saira Raza and Shahid Shafaat have worked hard to give us Dil Mom Ka Diya which looks a story very much relatable to our lives. The tempo of the double episode was good and the story moved smoothly without getting us bored. Let’s see what Ulfat is up to after the marriage of Kausar and shifting in the new home.


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