Over the years we have seen some courageous women breaking stereotypes and proving that the roles that once were only taken by men can actually be performed by women as well. After motor cycle girl Zenith Irfan, Arishma Maryam is making waves as the first ever Dhol player in Pakistan. Arishma is a musician who has played some other instruments as well but she is particularly in love with the Dhol.



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Cheers to all my haters. Thank you for the support💖😎

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We were very intrigued by Arishma’s choice of instrument, so we decided to have her over at our studio to find out more! She told us, that she received proper training for playing the instrument from Sir Saeen Imran. She gives the credit of her talent to her teacher and claims that she was taught the dhol diligently by him from scratch.

She also mentioned that none of this would have been possible without her family’s support. Their love and encouragement helped her get on this journey. Her family has been shouldering her from the beginning and that means the world to her.




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Wedding event @ Sialkot #Haroon_Jewellers

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She was encouraged by the public’s appreciation of her work and she hasn’t looked back ever since. She has been performing at wedding and corporate events. In fact she has even played with very renowned musicians like Arif Lohar, Falak Shabir,RDB, Sukhber, Mika, UK Sahara. She has an upcoming event with Aima Baig and  Bilal Saeed.

She also mentioned how highly demanded she is at weddings, her schedule is completely swamped! People are particularly excited about her since she’s doing something very different. Usually it is men who perform at weddings. She is very grateful for how well her talent is being received.



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Wedding event in LHR

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We were very impressed by Arishma’s down to earth personality and wish her all the success in the future.


She is extremely talented, hear her play in our interview below:


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