The Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu released recently. The playful detective film is generally being liked. The film is adorable, lighthearted and gripping. It embeds a lot of comical and fun moments and among them, Detective Pikachu also makes a reference to the Game of Throne series.

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The film makes a reference to one of Game of thrones’ most emotional and heart wrenching scenes. The friendly giant in GOT, hodor is told to hold the door as white walkers chase Meera and Bran Stark. While they get away, hodar dies at the hands of the White walks. The scene later reveals that Bran Stark travels back in time to Hodar’s past which in return gives Hodar a fit. Hodar sees his own death and is forever traumatized.

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Detective Pikachu pokes fun at this scene in a lighthearted scene where he asks Tim Goodman to hold the door as Pokemons chase them. He runs as he leaves Goodman behind, telling him to hold the door!

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