Detective Pikachu is a fun, suspense and action laden film suitable for all ages. It is a family entertainer and is nothing too complex. Even those who have not previously seen Pokemon will be able to understand the film.

Pokemon has cartoons and games. This movie is a live action adaptation of the anime and its video game. It does justice to the anime and is a faithful reimagining of the Pokemons. All of the Pokemons bear striking resemblance with the anime. They appear both gripping and adorable.

While the anime was all about stadium battles or battles between pokemons, the film doesn’t focus on those. However this is not really a flaw. The film makers have adapted the film from its video game instead and it offers something new. In addition, we do enjoy the fight sequences the film does have.

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The film opens in Ryme city, where Pokemons and humans live together. The city is very well crafted. The graphics are on par and manage to keep us hooked. However the storyline of the film is weak. We are introduced to Tim Goodman who comes across as a bland and boring character. The character is generally not interested in anything and is not given any memorable dialogues either.

We finally see some spark in him as he develops feelings for Pikachu and Lucy. All the side characters are also underwritten. We do not connect with them, feel for them nor fully understand their motives.

Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu is the most entertaining character of the film. The wisecracking Pikachu keeps us chuckling throughout. The adorable Pikachu is comical, witty and amusing. He keeps the film lighthearted.

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The film has some dull and dragged moments too. Most of the mystery is solved through holograms which doesn’t really make sense. Dective Pikachu has been directed by Rob Letterman who has previously directed the first Goosebumps, Aliens vs monsters and Shark Tale. The director has done a pretty cool job once again with Detective Pikachu.

Overall the film makes for an entertaining watch. It can be enjoyed for the fun Pokemon adventure the film really is and most of its flaws can breeze through us without being noticed much unless we are really nitpicky. The film gets a 2.5 stars out of a 5.

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