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The release of Zero has garnered a whirlwind of reactions. The film which saw the collaboration of Anand L Rai and Shahrukh Khan had huge expectations. It hit the theatres on 21st Dec.

The movie is a story of a vertically challenged man played by Shahrukh Khan while Anushka Sharma plays his lady love as a NASA scientist with cerebral palsy. The two connect on an emotional level and begin to see each other as an equal. Shahrukh Khan made a daring move while opting for a role he hasn’t played before. The actor played his role to utter conviction and translated his emotions onto the big screen very well. Anushka Sharma did not fall short on giving a believable performance.



The film encompasses humor, entertainment, an emotional arch and a convincing acting display by almost all the characters. Unfortunately, it does not maintain every aspect in the second half of the film. While the first half is crisp and witty, the second half is dragged and becomes banal towards the end.

However, Buaa Singh is an amusing and comical dwarf who manages to keep us hooked to the screens with his witty and obnoxious shenanigans.

In addition the visual effects of this film are on par. The cinematography is gorgeous. The DOP has done an excellent job and we are easily convinced of the scenes that unfold in front of us in terms of how they looked, especially in the second half where we witness high quality CGI. The second half of the film starts off as emotional and then becomes dragged. Buaa makes up for the hurt he has caused Aafia by seeking her forgiveness and showing her that he will do anything for her. He prepares to leave for Mars.

Katrina Kaif plays Babita Kumari, a frustrated superstar who is emotionally distraught. She has been cheated by someone she loved. The famed character is disturbed and has become cynical. Her performance has been excellent in this film as opposed to many where she has been criticized for lacking emotions. The two songs that featured on her, further enhanced her character and gave her more screen time to express her mental state. She looked good and added glamour to the film.



The music of the film is soulful. IssaqBaazi and Mere Naam Tu, were entertaining. The cameo of Salman Khan was refreshing and engaging. His dance off with Shahrukh Khan in IssaqBaazi was an amusing treat. Mere Naam Tu featured on Anushka and Shahrukh. Shahrukh Khan unleashed his magic in this one. The romantic hero made this one pull a chord in our hearts.

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub also deserves a mention as he was the supporting character who displayed classic bromance with Shahrukh Khan. His part uplifted the mood throughout.



So do we suggest you to watch this movie? Yes we do. Despite being dragged in the second half and falling short because of weak scripting in the second half, this film is overall an entertainer.

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