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The much anticipated patriotic Air Force film landed this Pakistan Day, and is flying high at the box office. However is the movie really worth the hype? We watched it to find out!

SherDil Holds on Monday

The film started off on a light note with a rather realistic depiction of life at PAF academy. However as the movie progresses the focus shifts from Haris’s journey from cadet to flight lieutenant, to other events in Haris’s life including his love life with Sabrina(Armeena Khan).

SherDil Opening Weekend : Excellent

Sherdil song
Mikaal Zulfiqar and Armeena Khan

Armeena Khan is one of the refined actresses of the industry. So watching her in the film was something to look forward to. However her presence in the film has been butchered by her voice double! That is right you may see her in the movie but that is no way her voice. This makes her presence in the film cringe worthy.

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It is rather unfortunate that the makers missed out on capitalizing on a star like her. Her presence in the film is more like adding color and vibrancy to the screen. Her character had no depth nor has it been explored or developed much. The screen time given to her is very limited and it is rather silly that she decides to part ways with Haris after being in a relationship with him for 5 years over his profession.

Mikaal Zulfiqar as Flight Lieutenant Haris Mustafa

Mikaal is primarily the focus of the film and his performance is on par! He looks extremely handsome in the uniform and a true reflection of an air force man. Hassan Niazi as the antagonist is convincing and fun to watch. The supporting cast is also pleasant,entertaining and serves its purpose well. Sabeeka Imam’s forced accents is a bit odd and rather unnecessary.

Sherdil’s Trailer: An Apt Depiction of “Don’t Mess With Pakistan”

Hasan Niazi in Sherdil

The first half of the film is interesting however post intermission one begins to wonder  the point that makers are attempting to make, if there is any?

The screenplay could have been better,creating more depth to a directionless second half of the film. There were hardly any crispy dialogues either. By the time we reach the climax of the film, we have been bored out of our minds and the intensity of the situation is lost!

The songs in the film are forcefully inserted and choreography is extremely poor. Ho Janiyaan is probably the only memorable track of the film.

Sherdil’s “Ho Janiyaan” Is a Beautiful Romantic Melody

The shots are excellent especially the dog chase sequences. If nothing, the visual effects and beautiful cinematography( by Ricki Butland) stands out in the film and is worth watching! They are in fact even better than Parwaaz Hai Junoon.

sherdil trailer

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Sherdil’s idea was good unfortunately the sloppy screenplay makes it less worthy. While initially the film is intended to focus on Haris’s journey in the Air Force the vision seems to be lost in his pursuit to win Sabrina over and it over shadows the main purpose of the film.

The film flies high but crashes midway. It could have been a contender, however the plot holes are too hard to ignore.

Some film makers assume that adding humor, romance and action all in one flick assures a sure shot hit. Well this formula fails to follow through in case of SherDil. Despite its flaws, the film will do well owing to ARY’s promotions, splendid VFX and Mikaal’s graceful presence. The film will do excellent business for at least first ten days.

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