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Indian film Gul Makai is based on the courageous life of Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. The role of Malala has been essayed by Indian actress Reem Sheikh. Malala’s biopic has been shot in India and England. The film has been directed by Indian director Amjad Khan and co-produced by UK based Pakistani Journalist Shahid Khan.

Malala’s Biopic Gul Makai All Set To Release In 2020

The film is slated for release on January 31, 2020 in India. However, the film is not releasing in Pakistan. Despite being a biopic of a Pakistani character and despite being co-produced by a Pakistan producer, the film has not been submitted for censor in Pakistan, which certainly seems strange.

The film’s director received threats in India from fundamentalists and some political parties when the film was under production. Talking to Epk, the director of the film Amjad Khan revealed the film is generally being well received however he received death threats from some fundamentalists. “Such fundamentalist elements exist in every society” He explained.

Despite facing opposition in India for making a film on a Pakistani, the film has not even been submitted for censor in Pakistan. Why are the filmmakers shying away from censor boards in Pakistan? We tried to contact the Pakistani co-producer of the film for a comment on this matter, however we were unable to get through. We will surely find out by tonight and update our readers on why the film has not made it to the Pakistani censor board.

Nobel Laureate Malala’s biopic Gul Makai premiered in London

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