Critic Rating

Writer: Atiya Dawood

Director: Amin Iqbal

Produced by: 9th Degree Development


This episode starts when Gul Baaz (Ajab Gull) comes to see Reesham (Sanam Saeed) in the room where she sits after the nikkah. Reesham’s prayers are miraculously answered as an earthquake strikes and Gul Baaz is injured. He does not touch her. All this time Gul Makai (Huma Naz) burns with jealousy and is seemingly relieved upon finding out that nothing has happened between the newly wedded. The whole scene was cleverly directed with a good use of visual effects. While Gul Baaz is bed ridden, Zardab (Mohib Mirza) manages to meet Resham pledging his faithfulness but Resham does not want to see him now.



It was a treat watching Mohib Mirza flawlessly act as the steadfast lover who just won’t give up. More over Sanam and Mohib are already a favourite on screen couple and their chemistry proves it.



In the parallel story Alam Zaib has grown greedy. His greed all the money as he stops Palwasha from lending her friend Razia some money. Alam Zaib does impress everyone with his spot on acting today. While Palwasha (Minsa Malik) does find her husband’s behavior strange however her simplicity does not let her see through his intentions.



The story of Deedan is powerful and gripping. It highlights the way of living in tribal areas and makes one question the backward thinking of such tribes. While Zardab has failed as a lover, Resham’s only savior and hope is now God. The story keeps us hooked. The drama looks very well crafted and is a cinematic treat for the eyes. What we like the most about this drama is how they are narrating a tale based on an ethnicity and are bringing something new and captivating to the screen.



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