Critic Rating

Writer: Atiya Dawood

Director: Amin Iqbal

Produced by: 9th Degree Development


As this Episode begins, preparations are being made to wed Resham (Sanam Saeed) to Gul Baaz khan (Ajab Gull) as soon as possible. Gul baaz is secretly over the moon on getting married to a young charming girl but chooses to pretend otherwise. He cunningly puts up an act to show Gull Makai’s (Huma Naz) that he is only doing this to please her.



He never ceases to surprise the viewers with his seasoned expressions. The high and low pitch of the voice, the precise posture changes, brow movements and the way he rolls his mustache when he is being sweet to Gul Makai before the nikkah are a treat to watch.

Zardab promises to rescue Resham and assures her that he will take her away. The gripping ost plays in the background, as Zardab talks to Resham.



Unfortunately, Gul Makai hears everything. She puts a vigilant eye on Resham and does not let the poor soul move until the wedding approaches. Although it is the man who is considered strong nerved but Gul makai comes off as very determined. It is pure self-benefit that drives her when she goes to threaten Zardab’s mother.

The script is very well written! Shabana (Laila Zuberi) delivers a beautiful dialogue with force as she says “TM MERA BETY KO TOU TM MARWA DEGA LEKIN USKY PYAAR KY KAHANI KO KESY MARY GA?” It tremainds us of ‘Laila Majno’. Lovers whose love story has kept them alive all these years.

To everyone’s surprise, Resham gets wedded to Gul Baaz. Zardab does not come and Shafiullah too agrees for the price of one lakh. Wow. Resham’s fate is sealed. What ensues will be horrible. A very captivating and troubling story indeed.



Simultaneously, we see Palwasha (Minsa Malik) adjusting to the city life. She comes to know the bitter reality of the city life. She meets women around her who are victims of domestic violence and men who feed off their wife’s incomes. She fears the consequences of her being the breadwinner in her married life. Her doubt grows as her husband continuously stresses on buying a new house. Will money become everything for Palwasha’s husband? And what will become of Resham now that Zardab has failed as a lover? Bewitching questions! Makes us early want to watch the upcoming episodes of Deedan!


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