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Writer: Atiya Dawood

Director: Amin Iqbal

Produced By: 09th Degree Entertainment

Resham’s (Sanam Saeed) wedding finally takes place with Shahbaz Khan (Hassan Noman), for her father tells her before the wedding that customs matter more for him than love. In this respect for customs, Shafeeullah (Rasheed Naz) weds his daughter to a person for whom his wife means nothing more than a maid who has to take care of his parents day and night, while he himself is to stay abroad throughout the year. On the very first day after the wedding, Resham’s mother-in-law (Huma Nawab) piles up countless clothes for her to wash, and on quiet hesitation at doing work on the very first day, she is insulted by her husband. However, Resham accepts her fate as a girl with no importance in the society and starts calling herself a “qabar” (grave) which stays at its place and cannot move about, as a result of which she refuses to go along her father when he comes to take her for a day, and also asks Zardaab (Mohib Mirza) to stay away from her when he meets her in her way. Zardaab, however, turns out to be an ardent lover and promises that he will never marry anyone now.

The overall direction, like always, was perfect. There were many heart-rending scenes in the recent episode, such as the one in which Palwasha (Minsa Malik) tries to tell Resham that how her father got to know about Zardaab, but in a fit of rage, Resham ends the friendship, thinking that Palwisha has brought about the whole chaos. The other sad scene was the one in which Resham makes her father recall his own words about daughters being a burden and refuses to go with him, saying that he can sleep comfortably now. The other scene, and quite questionable, was the one in which Gul Makai makes Resham massage her legs and scolds her for being lazy, although she herself has been a snubbed wife. Instead of recalling her experiences and learning from them, she is passing on the same attitude, which is something very common in our society. When daughters-in-law become mothers-in-law, they seldom think that their own life had been miserable and instead of changing the traditions, take their own plight’s revenge from their sons’ wives.

The whole episode’s focus was on traditions and customs having more importance in society than love and compassion. It is a tradition to wed daughters without considering their own choice. It is a tradition to make wives work like maids all day and it is a tradition to scold them if they lack somewhere. Unfortunately, it is the woman eventually who becomes the victim of these traditions, and even sadder is that some women, such as those who are like Gul Makai, assist males in dominating young women.

The lesson that can be learned from this episode is that women have to play an equal part along with men to change the attitudes towards women. It is not only men’s job but of those women as well who themselves are ready to surrender before despicable customs.

Whereas acting is concerned, Huma Nawab stole the episode. It was a surprise to see Huma Nawab, once a young cowboy doing the role of a strict mother-in-law. The harshness of her dialogues and the fluency of her accent went well with each other and really made her look dominating.

For the coming episodes, we are to see what awaits Resham, for her husband has gone away and her parents-in-law expect nothing from her but service and obedience all the time.


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