Critic Rating

Writer: Shugufta Sajid

Director: Amin Iqbal

Produced by: 9th Degree Entertainment


Deedan leaves no stone unturned to keep the audience glued to their spots as today’s episode marks tempting developments. The pangs of separation can never do apart, the hearts which love has united. Both Zardab (Mohib Mirza) and Resham (Sanam Saeed) wonder in despair if anyone will ever understand their feelings? Dilavar Khan catches the audience’s attention with an eloquent Pashtun accent that seems very natural, when he is seen delivering lengthy dialogues while trying to talk sense into Zardab.



Meanwhile, Palwasha gives her husband a 5000 rupee note and tells her husband all about the photographer who paid to take her photos, his suspicion suddenly changes to satisfaction and his desire for more money to come ignites. We can see that through his well delivered expressions. He does not lash out as we expected. Normally people from tribal areas are particular about honour whereas to our utter surprise Alamzaib even agrees to Palwasha working for a professional agency with long shoot hours.

The first half  of the episode covers the city life while the second half pertains to the village. We see Resham tumbling towards deep water, in her everyday routine, the sole purpose of this scene was to emphasize on Gulbaaz Khan and his eyes which burn of increasing monstrous desires. Cleaver camera movements effectively deliver the intent of this scene. As Resham pulls her dupatta up and adjusts it on seeing her father-in-law.



As if the evil between the lines was not heart stopping, Resham is caught red handed with Zardab later in the episode, by the father in law. He lands punches and merciless blows on Zardab while Zardab does not lift a finger. Here Resham puts her courageous face up when she owns their relation and begs for his life. Doom laden she runs with Gulbaaz following her at the heels. The star of the scene is Zardab’s staggering run (captured from an ingenuous angle) to save Resham from the wrath: what only a true lover would do.



While hell breaks loose, Resham is resilient and calm as Gulbaaz puts a gun on her. He would never have stopped from pulling the trigger if it was not for Gul Makai (Huma Nawaz) who gave a very powerful performance in this scene. She drags herself, begs Gulbaaz to not create enemies but he only stops when she swears by his mother.



Even Khuda KA WASTA! does not stop Gulbaz Khan which raised silent questions somewhere in the minds. The episode ends and the audience gasp for breath. Will Resham fall a victim to Gulbaz’s vice or will Zardab find a way to finally prove what his heart says “Reshme sirf hmary liye bna hai?”



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