Critic Rating

Writer: Atiya Dawood

Director: Amin Iqbal

Produced By: 09th Degree Entertainment

The week simply cannot pass without watching the prime time drama serial Deedan. This is the story of love being sacrificed at the hands of traditions strengthened through generations. The drama is the perfect picture of Shafi Ullah’s dialogue “AGR MOHABBAT AUR RIWAYAT MEI SE CHUNNA PARY TO HAMESHA RIWAYAT KO CHUNNA.” The serial has maintained a fast pace and new approach since the beginning, with Zardab (Mohib Mirza) and Reesham (Sanam Saeed) being separated at the very start. Which is quite unusual with our drama scripts as a typical story only begins with romance developing, followed by separation in the middle or  end.


With only the 5th episode at hand, characters have taken firm shapes at the skill of the director. This episode marks a huge development in story with Shahbaz Khan’s death. The scene focuses on all the main characters associated with him at once with three different reactions. A crippled mother, a somewhat shocked but composed wife and a patient father. A superb way to let the depth of the incident be felt. The next scene surely is today’s star. Sanam Saeed, with her commendable acting skill set as she delivers the silent meaningful expression as Rehsham; a strange smirk which reflects relief and a sense of an inner freedom rather than grief, which clearly shows the fact that her feelings for Shahbaz were long dead.

The director does not fall behind when it comes to doing his job. The camera shows how tradition turns a widow into a living grave forever as her jewelry, coloured dupatta is taken off and bangles broken. This has an ironic and more impactful effect on the audience without dialogues with only the ost doing the job. Losing a son did not strike as much of grief to Gulbaaz Khan as he clearly has unholy intentions written all over his face for his bahu as a result of amazing videography in this scene.

On the other hand, Palwasha’s life in the city raises awareness for women through her as she understands how being a working woman should not actually be a taboo as considered in her village but it is rather important to be self-sufficient and respected.

With Reesham a widow, Zardab returns to the village with an intent to marry her. The interesting thing here is his mother who resents this decision but her underlying sympathy is apparent from her facial expressions. This leaves the audience curious and guessing.

This episode’s ending was full of emotion with an air that smells of old romance. Cleverly directed with right camera positions it begins as Zardab goes to see Reesham by the lake. He takes her by the hand, eyes meet desire to reunite is kindled and Reesham walks way proclaiming her only love for him leaving everyone wanting for more.


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