Critic Rating

Writer: Attiya Dawood

Director: Amin Iqbal

Producer: 09th Degree Entertainment

The latest episode of “Deedan” was highly interesting with a lot of intriguing incidents and unpredictable events. Zardaab (Mohib Mirza) and Resham (Sanam Saeed) plan to run away and while Resham is planning to leave the house on that night, she is caught by her father (Rasheed Naz) who locks her up in the house. Palwasha (Minsa Malik) is lied to by Shafeeullah that he has murdered Resham, who then runs to give the information to Zardaab. Sadly, she is followed there by Shafeeullah who then gets to know that Resham’s love interest is Zardab. After
quarreling with Dilawar Khan (Tipu Shareef), Shafeeullah comes back and lies to his daughter as well that he has murdered Zardaab, who then stands against him and makes him realize that he has not done his job well as a father and brought her up only to sell her to someone wealthy. The episode ended on Resham recalling Zardaab’s words about their love being spiritual and not demanding a proof like marriage to authenticate itself, turning “Deedan” into another beautiful folk tale based on love that is beyond physical.

The episode had some very interesting incidents which piqued our curiosity, such as the one in which Palwasha takes Resham’s place in the bed to betray Shafeeullah, Shafeeullah catching Resham and Dilawar Khan exchanging words with Shafeeullah. Tipu Sharif was amazing in that scene and provided intensity to the already serious dialogues. Palwasha’s character seems quite cute, for she is young, innocent and like a curious girl, keeps exchanging important information between her friends. Minsa Malik fits the role very well.

Besides all this, the episode introduced us to some traditions of that society as well, such as exchanging tokens of remembrance before leaving each other, selling daughters without any embarrassment, not killing enemies’ women but only men including brothers and fathers.

Half of the pleasure of watching “Deedan” derives from the breath-taking locations, which have also been captured in a beautiful manner. The scene in which Zardaab and Resham are talking to each other seemed all the more beautiful with the moon in the centre of the frame, shining on the lovers and making the situation all the more romantic. The shot in which Resham is fighting with her father and there is a block of sun rays in between symbolized the distance between the hearts of both the father and daughter.

The episode was well done on the whole. The story has now started to grip the viewers’ attention and has started incorporating elements to keep them curious. Laila Zuberi and Rasheed Naz were the senior actors from today’s episode who played the major parts and as always, gave natural performances. While Rasheed Naz is the best choice for such roles, it is good to see Laila Zuberi as well in a role so different from the one she is doing in “Tajdeed e Wafa”.


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