Critic Rating

Written by: Attiya Dawood

Directed by: Amin Iqbal

Produced by: 09th Degree Entertainment

The first episode of Deedan has gone on air introducing us to a new world and society which is totally different from ours. The much-hyped and awaited drama serial by A-Plus is a romance story set into a mountainous valley where love is shackled into the centuries-old outdated traditions. Deedan is going to show us a society where so many sufferings, pains, and tensions are attached to the beautiful love relationship of a man and woman. The story will open to us the hard-core and intolerably painful realities of enveloped around the intimacy and delicacy of love.

The environment and traditions of the locality are fully understandable in the very first episode. The two lovebirds – Resham (Sanam Saeed) and Zardaab (Mohib Mirza) – desperately love and can’t live without each other. They meet at a separate place and put Palwasha (Minsa Malik) as a guard. Unfortunately, love of two hearts is needlessly attached to the honor there. So, the father of Resham (Rasheed Naz) is totally against the liking of a girl and boy. He doubts that someone has come to see Resham so he fires a bullet and Zardaab, while escaping the place, gets a serious leg injury. Now the father has made the match of Resham with a man of a nearby family, Shehbaz Khan (Hassan Noman).

Shehbaz Khan works in Dubai that’s why he is considered as the first and the best choice for Resham. She gets to know about her match with Shehbaz Khan and is very upset. Her father has rejected the proposal of Zardaab. Now Resham is fully prepared to fight her case and resist against the marriage without her liking. She wants to marry Zardaab at any cost. Palwasha is also very daring and helping Resham as much as possible as a true friend.

However, the promo of the next episode suggests that Resham will be unable to resist much longer and eventually her cruel father will win the battle. We can also see a dispute between the loving couple coming shortly which will make her part ways from Zardaab.

Dialogues were also lovingly romantic like the one by Zardaab to Resham: “When two souls are connected with each other, they are together every moment.” Also, the dialogues of Gulbaz Khan with Gul-e-Makai were interesting when he says: “I feel mercy when I think of killing you.”

Amin Iqbal has chosen a very different and brilliant story this time. On the other hand, we use to watch dramas based on the routine female-centric stories. Amin Iqbal’s this drama is giving us a feeling that we are going to witness a very brave female in Deedan, who is ready to go to any length to win her love. Amin Iqbal looks at the height of his directing skills in this drama.

Talking about the production value of Deedan, the scenery, and natural beauty is there in all the outdoor shoots. Lifestyle is presented greatly like collecting dry woods for fuel, washing clothes on the river, cooking food on a clay stove etc. Actors from Karachi – Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza, Tipu Shareef, Huma Nawab, Hassan Noman, and Minsa Malik – have admirably adopted the Pushto accent. Editing was also done intelligently with no prolonged scenes. Which can be seen in scenes like when Resham was running towards Palwasha and also, in the end, Resham go to meet Zardab in the night.

Deedan is creating a mark in the context of online viewership because its first episode is getting a good response with more than 2 lac views. It has received 3 thousand and 9 hundred likes which seems to be impressive. Such figures are very rare to see for any Aplus Drama. Sarfaraz Ashraf as the producer and Attiya Dawood rightly deserve the credit and applause for bringing to our knowledge such a tale which is rarely presented into our dramas.



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