DC revealed the second trailer of Shazam last night and it has been well received by both critics and viewers. The trailer is comical and lighthearted which is definitely something new for a superhero movie.

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The trailer packed some punches and evoked fun. The film’s comical tone and fun structure had a striking resemblance with Deadpool. However, Deadpool was R rated whereas Shazam seems to be PG 13.

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We also got Spiderman vibes from the trailer. The film seems to have a similar innocent narrative.


As Shazam finds out he has superpowers, we see him get highly excited which instantly reminds us of Spiderman’s reaction when he finds out his powers. Shazam’s friend dons similar expressions and it reminds us of the way Spider Man gets happy and starts to goof around in the streets with his happy-go-lucky attitude.

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Shazam hits the screens in Pakistan on 5th April. Let’s hope the film rakes in similar boxoffice numbers like Deadpool and Spiderman too!

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