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Anjum Shahzad’s Darr Khuda Say is easily one of the most popular dramas on air right now for various reasons. Drama features stellar cast which includes Sana Javed and Imran Abbas. Further, it comes from the director of Khaani. But serial is seven episodes old and we are still clueless that where is this drama heading.

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Darr Khuda Say had started carrying very strong and one of its kind social message i.e. workplace harassment. But it has failed to establish any such thing in first seven episodes. Seventh episode which aired at Geo Entertainment last night was another dragged episode. A new character was introduced in this episode which is portrayed by Hammad Farooqi. He did bring some light tone to the drama.

The Walima of Azhar at last happened in this episode after the wait of more than two episodes. But that was all, the whole episode was all about walima. The whole episode was dragged and there wasn’t even a single scene of Imran Abbas in the whole episode. Imran Abbas gave a very solid performance in first couple of episodes of the drama but it has been a downhill since then. He is not given proper screen space since then, for some episodes he is shown for couple of shots but in this episode there wasn’t even a single shot of Imran Abbas and that is a huge irregularity in the drama. The director and writer are not exploring the story line of Imran Abbas properly.

The episode gave huge screen space to Sana Javed who did well but she didn’t get convincing dialogues. Qawi Khan stood tall with towering performance and fantastic face expressions. Qawi Khan easily outshone everyone else in the whole episode.

Darr Khuda Say has immensely talented cast and they are trying their best but the script, dialogues and drama is not supporting them. Ali Ansari as Azhar is very solid in terms of performance but his character is not properly developed and is delusional. Kiran Haq as Tamkeen is performing well too but probably the only character who is quite well developed and stays close to reality.

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Overall, seventh episode of Darr Khuda Say was slow and dragged. Having such big names attached to the project, this serial had immense potential. If the things don’t get better in coming days then it will lose its charm.

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