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Episode 5 of Sana Javed and Imran Abbas starrer aired last night on Geo TV. Directed by Anjum Shehzad drama revolves around multiple social issues including harassment. Written by Sarwat Nazeer episode 5 starts from tensed scene as Azhar (Ali Ansari) brings his wife telling his parents.

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Starting from highly tensed scene, 5th episode of Darr Khuda Say consisted of ups and downs. Few scenes left a very strong impact but at the same time the whole story line and storytelling of the episode stayed typical making it another average episode for the serial. Having immense potential and big names attached to the project, expectations are sky high.

As compared to the previous episode, this one had some powerful dialogues especially by Qavi Khan. Previous episode had major turn of events whereas in this episode story hit a halt as writer and director gave more space to characters in the family of Qavi Khan to build themselves and also some good dialogues were given to stars which is actually a good development.

After leaving a strong impact in first three episode, we are now missing Imran Abbas who is playing a character of harasser in a very convincing way. In this episode he was shown for just one brief scene and we missed him again as we kept waiting for his story to move forward.

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This episode stood out performances wise. Ali Ansari has been acting extremely well till now with his expressions and composure. Qavi Khan got space to shine in this episode and he gave a fantastic performance. Sana Javed did decent job but she was not given a good share of dialogues neither is her character given any depth so far which gives her no margin to perform. Imran Abbas in his brief scene was excellent.

This episode had some strong scenes and the one that stands out the most is the scene where Qavi Khan calls his son Azhar to his room and orders him to send his wife back to her mother’s. That scene had very powerful performance from Qavi Khan. Some really strong dialogues were given to him ,his expressions, dialogues and pitch of his voice was amazing. Ali Ansari did a pretty good job in the scene too.

Best Performance Of The Episode:-

Qawi Khan as Mazhar Siddiqui stood out in this episode. He gave a very powerful performance and created a strong impact in his scenes. His dialogue delivery and the control on his pitch during dialogues was just extra ordinary.

Overall it was a bit improvement compared to the previous episode in terms of dialogues and performances. But at the same time story seemed to be a standstill. Considering Imran is the protagonist of the drama he is been kept in the background. The real issue that the drama is attempting to highlight has also taken a backseat for now as well making the drama lose its appeal. Lets hope the makers manage to balance things out in coming episodes.


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