Last night’s episode unveiled some shocking turn of events that will turn out to be problematic for Afreen and her family. Directed by Anjum Shehzad Darr Khuda Say aired its fourth episode on Geo Tv this Tuesday. Starring Sana Javed, Imran Abbas and Ali Ansari in lead, episode four was focused toward building characters and base of the story of the serial.

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Anjum Shehzad is trying to pull off multiple social issues with this drama with primary focus on workplace harassment . But this episode focused on the family of Afreen Siddiqui i.e. Sana Javed. The episode had good pacing as we saw many major events happening in this episode.

Kiran Haq as Tamkeen

The character of sister of Sana Javed i.e. Tamkeen Siddiqui was given good space in this episode to establish her character and a possible love story. At the same time a huge amount of time was given to Ali Ansari to take his story forward. But there seemed irregularity in this episode as we didn’t see much of Imran Abbas in this episode.

Episode three had concluded on a very strong note of evilness of Imran Abbas but that was not carried into this episode and now it seems as if the whole story line of Imran Abbas is just a side story and main story is Afreen and her family. Director is dealing with very sensitive issue of workplace harassment in this serial but its been four episodes and there is not even a single impactfull scene on the issue. Imran Abbas’s character was established brilliantly in first three episode but in this episode the focus was totally changed and that was irregularity in the story telling.

Imran Abbas as Shahwaiz

Episode didn’t feature any strong dialogue and that’s a huge lacking in the serial which is focusing on multiple social issues. The episode did have very good pacing but that was one dimensional and we didn’t see much happening outside the family of Afreen( Sana Javed).

Sana Javed was composed with her acting skills in the episode. Qavi Khan and Sajida Syed were really good. But they could have been given stronger dialogues. Kiran Haq is also impressive in her avatar. All the characters have varying characteristics creating a balance in the drama.

Sana Javed as Afreen

Best Performance Of The Episode:-

Ali Ansari as Azhar Siddiqui shone with a very good performance in this episode. His expressions, dialogue delivery and composure was applause worthy.

Ali Ansari

Overall it’s a decent episode with good pacing and decent performances but story was one dimensional. Imran Abbas who was giving a superb performance in first three episodes wasn’t given screen space in this episode.

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