Imran Abbas and Sana Javed are coming together for a new project that is starting tonight. The drama is titled Dar Khuda Sy , and it explores the consequences of sexual harassment and false allegations on a girl in our society.

Imran Abbas will be seen in a highly negative role, as someone who makes advances towards Sana’s character but when she rejects him he makes it his life’s purpose to character assassinate her and destroy her life.

Imran Abbas & Sana Javed’s next drama tackles the issue of sexual harassment

He will manage to turn her parents against her as well, who will believe what they are shown. The OST of the drama has been sung, composed and written by Sahir Ali Bagga. The vocals are soulful and the songs depicts pain. The song talks about the pain and misery that Afreen (Sana Javed) will go through because of the lies Imran’s character will spread.

The song is a plea by Afreen who has been wronged for no reason whatsoever. She becomes a victim of harassment which has wrecked her life and her character. Despite being head strong she looses in front of Imran’s evil. The lyrics are a cry for help declaring her innocence.

Imran Abbas Excited About Working With A Fresh Face In A Spiritual Drama

The drama also stars Qavi Khan, Kiran Haq and Ali Ansari. Dar Khuda Sy has been directed by Anjum Shahzad, written by Sarwat Nazeer and is a 7th Sky Production. It begins airing tonight at 8 PM on Geo TV.

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