Last night’s did not have any surprises instead it remained predictable. Afreen is adamant on her resignation even though Azhar after realizing the burden would come on his shoulders, apologizes to her. His selfishness is forcing him to resort for court marriage and he even tries to convince his girlfriend for it. Even though his father has made it clear that he will have to wait for his sisters to get married, the way things are going it seems that they will actually go through with it.

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Tamkeen keeps dwelling in her insecurities and complexities. She decides to take matters in her own hands and she has someone in mind as well. Her bitterness and crude behavior ruins the peace and mood of the entire house. She is jealous of her own sister and misunderstands everything her family says.

Afreen’s absence disturbs Shahwaiz as Azhar hasn’t handed over her resignation so he doesn’t know that she has left. He feels suffocated with his wife who is much older than him and wishes to get rid of her. He continues his affair with the maid however now he has grown weary of her as well and wants to get rid of her. Imran Abbas as Shahwaiz is very convincing and he keeps the character interesting.

Even though Afreen has left the job, she is still on his mind and he wants to pursue her. This episode pretty much elaborated the story of the previous episode. Over all it was an average episode and the tone remained mellow throughout except Tamkeen’s regular outbursts. Kiran Haq is pulling off the character very well. The varying character traits in the drama maintains the balance of the narrative and provide a good variety.

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There wasn’t much progression in terms of the story in this episode. The story kept Afreen in focus and Sana continues to give a consistent performance. Since nothing major happened during the episode we cannot say for sure what to expect from the upcoming episode. Given that the drama has just started we look forward to seeing how the drama’ s story develops.


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