Dar Khuda Sy incorporates the stereotypes, double standards and misogynists thinking that men in our society have. The episode opened on a very strong note where Afreen’s brother is holding court after he spots her getting dropped by a man.

First Impression: Imran Abbas Plays The Villian With Conviction in Dar Khuda Sy

Sana Javed’s character has been shown as someone who is strong and knows how to speak up for herself. She questions her brother in return about his rendezvous with some girl. This drama has brought forward yet another supportive father character in form of Qavi Khan who condemns his son’s behavior. Sana steals the show in that first scene with her strong performance. She has been given beautiful dialogues by Sarwat Nazeer.

Sana Javed & Imran Abbas in Dar Khuda Sy

Ali Ansari has essayed the role of a selfish hypocrite brother well enough. His accusation hurt her and she ends up resigning from her office. Imran Abbas on the other hand, plays the womanizer who has no shame. He flirts around with the house maid meanwhile fantasizing about Afreen, all the while he is a married man.

Imran Abbas in Dar Khuda Sy

Dar Khuda Sy OST Tells A Wretched Tale of Harassment & Its Consequences

Adding bitterness to the drama is the character of Afreen elder sister Tamkeen played effortlessly by Kiran Haq. She has turned resentful after her divorce. She is always taunting her family members and ruining the environment of the house. She is also envious of the fact that Afreen is getting proposals and not her.She even bad mouths her sister in front of the woman who brings her proposal.

Kiran Haq as Tamkeen

The drama has a wide range of characters creating a balance in the story.The depiction of their lifestyle is apt as well. A great deal of attention to detail has been given to the sets to establish this fact. The episode was shot beautifully by Anjum Shahzad and it was thoroughly enjoyed.

The drama has an interesting story by Sarwat Nazeer , one that tap into a social evil, while addressing many others in sub-context. The over all tone of the drama is sad, with the story highlighting the difficulties in Afreen and her family’s life. However the grimness is not over powering and the story telling is such that the drama stays light. The drama stays away from exaggeration and portrays the story with a sense of realism.

How did you like the episode?

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