Emran Hashmi’s Cheat India has garnered attention with its witty and humorous concept of running a cheating mafia. The film also exposes the dark side of the education system. T-series has just released a song track from the movie. The sound track is by the famous hip hop singer Guru Randhawa, who has not only sung the song but also written and composed the song as well.

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It is a total party song. While the song does not have any substantial lyrics,  the Punjabi beat is very engaging. It will definitely be a chart buster.  The music video features Emran Hashmi and Guru Randhwa. It lets us in on the concept of the movie in a very creative way. The video takes off with Hashmi handing over a fake student ID and a big pile of money to a nerd. As the student is studying for an exam he looks over at a magazine on his desk and it comes alive.

As the magazine’s page is flipped over, Shreya Dhanwanthary is introduced as “a star is born” (drawing inspiration from Hollywood are we?)

Towards the end of the song we also hear the tag line of film by Emran Hashmi “Nakal mein he akal ha”

The film is slated to release on January 25,2019.

Have a listen here!


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