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Under the direction of Mohsin Talat, the 6th episode was broadcasted last night on Hum TV. Tonight’s episode, though low on expectations, had a little bit of everything, ranging from the love of good friends to the toxicity of those who don’t have your best interests at their hearts.

Sunehri is adamant on getting Aahil’s interest back in music. Meanwhile, Aaliyah is still under the misconception that Aahil has fallen for her. We truly feel for Aadil, who tries his best to portray his affections for Aaliyah.

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The foundation for the change in the relations of Sunehri, Aahil, Aadil & Aaliyah was set in the previous episode, but there wasn’t any further development in this aspect. We were definitely hoping for the pace of the story to get better, but we were disappointed. The story is moving along at a very slow pace. After the character storylines had been laid, we were hoping for the plot to thicken. But alas, nothing of that sort happens here.

The character which keeps surprising us is Aaliyah, played by Faryal Mehmood. From her wardrobe to her depiction of a girl newly in love, her acting skills need to be applauded. The way she talks about her love with her friend, or the not-so-subtle changes in expression when Aahil is talking to her, bring a smile on our faces. She definitely is outshining the female lead, Mawra Hocane.

We had our reservations about the character Sunehri in the beginning, and though a few of these issues were addressed in following episodes, we still feel that there is room for a lot of growth. The scene where Aahil makes a video of her singing could have been a lot better. The scene seemed a bit forced, and artificial. Why use a tripod if you are just going to take the phone off and start filming by hand again? Moreover, the way Mawra Hocane was singing could have been better. Her amused expression didn’t quite match the lyrics of the song (which was about unrequited love) .

Adeel Hussain continues to catch our attention with his excellent dialogue delivery and clear expressions. He is calm both when Sunehri tries to interfere in his life and when the silver-tongued serpent Touqeer tries to poison him against his mother. We see a lot of maturity and depth in his character.

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What goes around, comes around and Rubab, played by Hina Bayat, is going to taste a bit of her medicine, it seems. You can’t win the attention of your loved ones via manipulation and we think Hina Bayat would learn this lesson the hard way.  Though she didn’t get much screen time, she definitely was comfortable in her avatar, depicting the worried yet conniving mother perfectly. The expressions of Hina Bayat were spot on, and even though we knew that she was lying to Sunehri, her performance was pretty convincing. This is a woman who would stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

Misbah Nosheen had us on our toes with Ishq Tamasha, but unfortunately, we don’t find the same spark when it comes to Daasi. The story is a bit bland up till now, with a little bit of suspense, but not enough to keep our interest piqued. The cinematography of the serial remains good and this one thing we would like to appreciate about this serial. However, even the strong direction of Mohsin Talat doesn’t seem to deliver the level of perfection we were hoping for.

The episode ends on a strange note with Touqeer betraying Rubab while talking to Aahil. We are definitely interested to know why he is playing this game, though. The love fiasco which has been created in this episode has us all worried about all the characters’ futures. Let’s see what the next episode brings for us!

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