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Directed by Mohsin Talat, the 5th episode of Daasi aired on Hum TV last night. When we are in love, we see everything a colored eye. Tonight’s episode had a little bit of everything, ranging from the love of a mother to the love and care of a good friend.

The episode begins with Aahil’s mother, played by Hina Bayat, coming to Sunehri’s doorstep. You can never win someone back by manipulating, and this is something that Aahil’s mother fails to understand. The expressions of Hina Bayat were spot on, and even though we knew that she was lying to Sunehri, her performance was pretty convincing. This is a woman who would stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

The maturity which we have been wanting to see in Sunehri was there in the last episode, and we do see it in tonight’s episode as well. Although, there a few scenes which are quite unethical, such as Sunehri checking Aahil’s laptop. Are the writer & director condoning breaching someone else’s privacy? Mawra Hocane has been performing well in the last couple of episodes and her character seems a bit more grounded now, which we highly appreciate.

Adeel Hussain as Aahil continues to win our hearts. The display of emotions by him in this episode made our eyes a little bit teary as well. The pain Aahil was feeling was perfectly depicted by Adeel Hussain through perfectly crafted expressions and body language. With things taking a turn for better between him and Sunehri, we can hardly wait to see how these unlikely candidates fall in love with each other.

If there is one thing that can bring even the strongest friendship crashing, it is love. Aadil is in love with Aaliyah, and here Aaliyah is falling in love with his friend Aahil. We really can’t see how it will end up in a good way for all the friends, including Sunehri.

Aaliyah, played by Faryal Mehmood, is in love with Aahil and a misunderstanding makes her believe that Aahil reciprocates those feelings. Her depiction of a love-struck middle-class girl, trying to find ways to see and talk to her loved one, was pretty realistic.

The story is finally coming together and the serial looks well-directed now. Misbah Nosheen wrote a pretty good script for this episode and the direction of Mohsin Talat really helped in bringing everything together. The editing was perfect and nothing seemed to be forced as the scenes weren’t dragged on. The cinematography of the serial needs to applauded here, as all the locations and sets complemented the situation and characters.

The episode ends on a good note with Sunehri talking to Aahil and helping him figure out things in his life. However, the love fiasco which has been created in this episode has us all worried about all the characters’ futures. Let’s see what the next episode brings for us!

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