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Directed by Mohsin Talat, the 4th episode of Daasi aired on Hum TV last night & we do find the story getting better & interesting. After the cliffhanger ending of the last episode, we find Sunehri’s mother in the hospital which forces Sunehri to see things from a different perspective.

There are some things in life which leave their mark on you & change you for the rest of your life. Death & loss of a loved one can bring the chaos in your soul to a standstill. Aahil (Adeel Hussain) is a perfect example of this. After the death of his father, he has grown into a mature emphatic person whom we all like. The way he supports Sunehri in this episode, helping her through her tough times, really drew our attention back to the drama.

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The beginning of the love-triangle we have all been waiting for seems to be on the horizon with Sunehri’s views regarding Aahil changing, & Aaliyah already infatuated by Aahil. We do feel bad for Adil since it seems his affections are not going to be returned by Aaliyah any time soon.

In this episode, we find all the points of the story coming together to give us a seamless plot. Although the storyline did drag out in the first few episodes, this episode was well-written & we think that all the scenes added something to the overall plot. Misbah Nosheen did a good job with the script in this episode & the direction of Mohsin Talat really helped to bring this dragging drama back to a regular pace. The sets were so eye-catching and complemented the storyline of the drama.

There is a balance of goodness & evil in this drama. We see goodness in the form of a helping friend (Aaliyah) & at the same time we see the effect a bad friend, i.e Rubab’s friend Tauqeer (Adnan Jaffer), can have on your mind & decisions.

The story of Faryal Mehmood’s character, Aaliyah, gets a bit more enticing in this episode & we see the actor performing her role of a love-infatuated girl perfectly. We really like the way she supports Sunehri in her hard times, like a real & true friend.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Aahil’s mother (Hina Bayat) coming to Sunehri’s home. Let’s see what the next episode brings for us!

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