There is no shortage of good dramas in our industry. Our industry churns out high quality dramas with good content and high production value. In addition, the very talented actors of our drama industry put life and soul into these dramas with their gripping performances.

However, there are also some dramas which fail to live up to their expectation despite starring popular actors and airing at prime time on mainstream channels. These dramas release with high expectations, however due to some reason or the other, they fail to leave a mark. Below are 5 current dramas which are disappointing the audiences.

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1. Daasi

Romantic drama Daasi stars Jawani Phir Nai Ani actress Mawra Hocane in lead alongside popular actor Adeel Hussain. It also includes veteran actors Fazila Kaiser and Hina Khawaja Bayat while known actors Faryal Mehmood, Kamran Jilani, Naima Butt and others can also be seen. Even then the drama has failed to leave a mark and everyone’s efforts have been overshadowed by a disappointing storyline. Audiences failed to connect with the drama and it has a very low buzz. It is also one of least popular drama of a mainstream channel on Epk’s popularity chart

2. Main Na Janoo

Hum Tv’s drama Main Na Janoo revolves around a love triangle between the three characters essayed by Zahid Ahmed as Nain, Sanam Jung as Sairah and Affan Waheed. Essaying the typical avatar of a damsel in distress, Sairah is being harassed by her previous lover who is out to make her life difficult. The protagonist Sairah is married to a blind man, Nain and for some reason she is hell bent on hiding all her troubles from her husband till it becomes too late. Affan Waheed as a negative character has failed to make an impact while Sanam Jung as the damsel in distress is also hard to bear.

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3. Bewafa

Starring Ushna Shah, Ali Rehman and Naveen Waqar, Bewafa has a very talented and adored cast. The storyline is also somewhat intriguing as it unfolds how a cunning girl Shireen portrayed by Ushna Shah manipulates and marries Kinza (Naveen Waqar)’s husband (Ali Rehman). She then wins him over and vilifies Kinza’s character in his eyes. However Bewafa has failed to grab the attention of the masses banking upon the same old trope of vilifying women and exempting men from all guilt.

4. Shahrukh Ki Saheliyan

Comedy drama Shahrukh Ki Saheliyan has been penned down by Romeo Weds Heer writer Younis Butt. It stars popular actors Ahsan Khan and Ramsha Khan in lead roles. However, the drama tries too hard to be funny and often fails. Comedy is truly a difficult genre. This drama is also one of the least popular current dramas of mainstreams channels in Epk’s popularity chart.

5. Deewar-e-Shaab

With veteran actors Asma Abbas, Bushra Ansari, Syed Mohammad Ahmed alongside a line up of popular actors Sarah Khan, Shehroz Sabwari, Nausheen Shah, Shehzad Sheikh and Kinza Hashmi among others, Deewar-e-Shaab took a decent start. However the drama’s hype has completely died out now and it has also become one of the least popular dramas airing at prime time now. With so much happening all at once, the story-line of the drama has gone haywire.

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What do you think of these dramas? Let us know in the comments!

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