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Producer/composer and better known for his music band Vital Sign Rohail Hyatt introduced the country to a new concept of music under the name “Coke Studio”. The concept agreed with the audience who praised the musician and the music fusion that was created. The trend picked up and before we knew it we were introduced to many new artists and renditions of classics/folk music. Some liked, some criticized, but the show became a cult. In fact Nescafe Basement followed in their footstep and actually picked up as well.

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Coke Studio died down over the course of its run and criticism started by the key board warriors and public in general. The songs coming out were some what below par and the show no longer excited fans as much as it once did. Six Seasons down Rohail Bid adieu to the show and the reins were transferred to Strings (Season 7 – Season 10). The most recent season 11, was produced by Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi .

With the season 12 starting the pioneer of the show Rohail Hyatt is back as the producer. The industry is excited about the return and hoping the music maestro brings back the show to its glory. As per Express Tribune, the line up for the season has some big names and somewhat veterans of show like Atif Aslam, Shuja Haider, Aima Baig, Sanam Marvi to name a few. Check out the line up:

Artists Line – up

1)      Sanam Marvi

2)      Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad

3)      Umair Jaswal

4)      Shahab Hussain

5)      Barkat Fakeer and company

6)      Atif Aslam

7)      Hadiqa Kayani

8)      Shamali Afghan

9)      Aima Baig

10)   Har Sakhiyan

11)   Chakar Baloch

12)   Zoe Viccaji

13)   Ali Sethi

14)  Shuja Haider

15)   Rachel Viccaji

16)   Nimra Rafique

17)   Quratulain Baloch

18)   Abrarul Haq

19)  Omran Shafique

20)  Taj Mohammad Buledi

21)  Sadiq Sameer

 House Band

Guitars: Sarmad Ghafoor

Guitars: Zain Ali

Keys: Varqa Faraid

Bass: Kamran Mannu Zafar

Violin: Uncle Jay

Drums: Kami Paul

World percussions: Abdul Aziz, Veeru Shaan and Hassaan Moheyeddin (Moyo)

Eastern percussions: Babar Khanna

Multiple instruments: Tanveer Tafu and Aamir Azhar

Backing vocalists:  Shahab Hussain, Nimra Rafique, Rachel Viccaji and Meher Qadir

Coke Studio 12 is expected to kick off early in October.

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