Reportedly, Chris Hemsworth was not excited about playing the God of Thunder prior to Thor: Ragnarok. Chris Hemsworth has been essaying the role of the Asgardian Hero since 2011 now.

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In a recent interview with Yahoo, the actor said, “When we came into Ragnarok, I was sort of exhausted of what I’d been doing and a little sort of underwhelmed by what I was putting out there, you know?”

Thor’s first two installments were not as well received as Thor: Ragnarok as the content of the previous films was comparatively much dull. There is no denying that we all fell in love with the character of Thor in Ragnarok where we get to see a new side of him which is comical, alluring, powerful and fun.

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Later, his heroic entry in Infinity war have had our hearts ever since.

Thor Ragnarok is the most critically well-received film of the Thor movies. It is also the highest grossing film of the Thor franchise in both North America and Overseas.

Chris Hemsworth also admitted last year that he found Thor: The Dark World to be “meh” . However, he now clarified that he was dissatisfied with Thor’s character generally and this had nothing to do with the previous film makers.

He said, “That was no fault of any director or writer, that was me personally. It felt like I’d put myself in a box with what the character could do. So on Ragnarok, it was about breaking all the rules, and kinda going ‘as soon as it feels familiar, do something different’, and Taika [Waititi] – the director – had the same vision, and the same, I guess, guts to just roll the dice and [do the] ‘anything goes’ kind of thing. That was so liberating and freeing, you know, to sort of break away who the character was prior.

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He expressed how Ragnarok liberated his character and let them try something different. Both Chris Hemsworth and the director shared the same vision which worked like magic. While he felt like his character was in a box previously, Ragnarok set him free. Similarly we see Thor’s character grow and become a new and improved version of himself in the film. We also see Thor in a completely new look as his hair are cut off and he loses one eye.


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