Child Play’s Sci-fi reboot is vicious, bloody and graphic. The film released its trailer yesterday and it surely looks like a chilling experience. Everyone’s favorite childhood horror movie Child’s play is back but this time Chucky is not a possessed doll but a smart device/a robot.

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Gabriel Bateman as Andy Barclay plays the boy who comes in the possession of the new doll. We see him frightened for his life as he tries to tell his parents that Chucky is evil however no ones believes him. The child actor has slipped into his role and seemingly he will do a good job with it. However he is a lot older than the original boy in the previous films.

The trailer does not give away much but instead juxtaposes a couple of well shot and terrifying scenes together to give us a glimpse of the horror that will unfold in the movie.

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The horror thriller has plenty of blood and gore as Chucky is killing off people with a knife like he used to in the previous films. While Chucky used to be a real doll in the previous films, this time Chucky is purely a CGI character. He has been created with graphics and therefore looks different.

Overall we like the horror infused bloody sequences and director Lars Klevberg has created befitting scenes for those with a taste for thrill and horror. However, we do hope that the film balances out the scenes and that the film has a powerful story to compliment the scenes.

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Child's Play turns into a sci-fi horror with its reboot
Child’s Play

It is no surprise that the film comes from the producers of another horror thriller, IT. It stars Aubrey Plaza as Karen Barclay, Andy’s mother and will be releasing in theaters on June 21st, 2019.

Watch the trailer here:


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