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This Eid along with Wrong No 2, came another rom-com by the Karachi sy Lahore director Wajahat Rauf. The film has not only been directed but also produced and co-written by Wajahat Rauf. This is the director’s third offering so one expected something exceptional.Unfortunately this is not the case.

Chhalawa Teaser An Elaborate Wedding Affair!

Lets talk about the narrative first, if we say that the film is loosely inspired by Dilwale Dulhaniya Ly Jain Gy, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and the director’s own first two films, it will not be an overstatement. The film’s story revolves around Zoya played by Mehwish Hayat and Sameer played by Azfar Rehman. Both are madly in love and want to marry each other. However the girl’s father played by Mahmood Aslam aka the brutal society, wants to marry her off to his brother’s son.

Zara Noor Abbas plays Haya as Zoya’s younger sister, and Ashir Wajahat who is the son of the film maker plays their younger brother. We have seen Ashir in Karachi sy Lahore and Lahore Sy Agay, with time he has further improved and done justice to his role.He has been given very important scenes and he has performed very well.

Among the best performers Zara Noor Abbas stands out she not only looks beautiful on screen, she has excellent acting and dancing skills that make the character worth remembering. Her dialogue delivery, facial expressions and body language are all perfect. With all her perfect looks and mannerism she is a complete star in every sense. Asad Siddique is seen romancing along side Zara as Lucqman. He plays a fake Peer and Sameer’s friend. He has also played his part very well.

Sameer and Zoya’s romance around which the entire film revolves, in a romantic film one expects to see emotions, passion and affectionate involvement between the hero and heroine. This has been told through dialogues but how their love developed has not be told. Due to this the audience fails to connect with the couple.

It appears that disjointed scenes have been connected together to create a feature film,that the director claims to be a rom-com but fails to achieve the desired outcome. It is very apparent after watching the film that the script which is the weakest element of the film, was approved after writing its first draft without giving it much thought .

The film is full of contradictions, there are some supposedly funny moments that do not make you laugh. You just sit and wait for the scene to end. Comedy has also been inserted in some serious scenes which only reflects an immature point of view of the writer and the director.

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Sameer is the hero but he does nothing heroic in the film. The plan to run away is also given by the heroine. Even his own friend tells him that he has no qualities of a hero. Azfar Rehman and Mehwish Hayat fail to impress.

The music has been composed by Shiraz Uppal and it is fairly catchy but its placement in the film was off. It didn’t gel in with the narrative. The situational song Chirya appears out of nowhere, but it has been well choreographed by Wahab Shah.

Art direction and costumes department have used colorful setting but sometimes they comes off as very unrealistic. There were some silly choices made. The costumes are overly done. No one wears Gota at home unless there is some occasion. Also during such a situation when the heroine is getting married to somebody else, it is strange for the hero to be perfectly dressed with gelled back hair.

After all this we are forced to think why the film is titled Chhalawa. Chhalawa is a mischievous ghost, a supernatural phenomenon. Some even term it as delusion about something that seems to appear but disappears as soon as you go near it. It may take any form and no one will know. Keeping that context in mind, the director has done justice to the title. Inconsistent story line, plot errors and illogical event all combine to make the film as complete Chhalawa.

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