Avengers Endgame’s latest clip is a very important scene from the upcoming film. The clip embeds mystery, intrigue, suspense and a pint of romance. It features our favorite superheroes who have survived Thano’s snap alongside Captain Marvel.

The clip alone is enough to entice Marvel fans to the core. Fans have been coming up with various theories about what’s to come in Endgame. They are a few hints we particularly get from this exciting and highly intriguing clip.

Avengers: Endgame Set To Create History With Its Advance

So we knew that the time stone can work in reverse and therefore all the avengers have to do is get all stones from Thanos and use it to reverse Thano’s snap. However it is surely not going to be as simple as it seems in this scene. Seems like the newest addition to the group, Captain Marvel tends to think so. No doubt she is very powerful, however she is underestimating Thanos. There is surely going to be a lot more to the story!

However, we are also excited to see this immensely powerful character on the battle field. Captain Marvel is surely going to amaze the Avengers with her powers.

Avengers: Endgame

Tony Stark was missed in this clip, but he is probably still in space. We get curious about his well being. If Captain Marvel is on earth, who will be saving Tony Stark? Will he be able to come back himself? Or perhaps he will die and will return once the avengers go back in time?

Antman is bound to play an important role in the Endgame and we do not see him either. The clip seems to be one of the beginning scenes of the film, and a lot is yet to unfold.

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We also cant help but notice Captain America’s language! The most righteous man of America has turned cold in the face of adversity. We can not forget the comical scene in Avengers where Captain America tells the avengers to mind their language and Tony Stark holds that against him!

Avengers: Endgame

Last but not the least, the clip also hints at the budding romance between Thor and Captain Marvel! Thor tests Captain Marvel and is clearly impressed by how composed and strong she appears! He struts as he walks towards her in a cheesy manner and flirts with her.

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Does this mean these two will become the leading couple and the torch bearers of the Avengers in the upcoming films? We love their chemistry already and this lighthearted aspect of the film certainly adds to the film’s charm and intrigue.

Watch the clip here:


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