5 reasons why Cheekh is a must watch

Saturday dramas are extremely interesting. Cheekh has had our attention since its first episode. With every episode the plot gets interesting. There are more characters in play now and what will come out of it remains the burning question of the serial.

Cheekh’s Characterization A Class Apart!

Last week’s episode brought back Shayaan (Emmad Irfani) who will play an important role in Mannat’s fight. While he is offended and dumbfounded by the allegations imposed by his wife, he cannot simply ignore her. He loves her gravely and is on the verge to figure out what is going on in her head.

5 Reasons Why Cheekh Is A Must Watch!

Saba Qamar and Emmad Irfani in Cheekh

This is what makes him stand apart from the rest of the family and in fact as a husband figure in general as well. In an era where dramas portray husbands to be influenced by others easily and oppose their wives, Shayaan comes as a refreshing character.

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His importance has been established and it will be interesting to see how he helps Mannat’s cause or will he in fact fall prey to the false accusations that the family is spreading regarding her.

Bilal Abbas, Aijaz Aslam and Emmad Irfani in Cheekh
Bilal Abbas, Aijaz Aslam and Emmad Irfani in Cheekh

As of now he is on the cross road and we witness him in a tussle and later asking Mannat what the truth is? Mannat alone cannot take Wajih and a supporting husband can further strengthen her dedication to get justice for Nayab.

Cheekh’s Latest Promo Has Us on The Edge of Our Seats! *ing Saba Qamar & Bilal Abbas

On the other hand Yawar’s wife had been conflicted about the whole situation and also felt left out in family matters. The previous episode ended on a cliff hanger, with her over hearing Wajih and Mannat’s conversation. The next episode promo showed that she will confront Yawar about it.

Aijaz Aslam, Bilal Abbas, Saba Qamar & Maira Khan in Cheekh

It will be interesting to see if Yawar shuts her up or she gets convinced about Wajih. Things are getting out of control and soon this will hit both Wajih and Yawar who are hell bent on saving face.

Cheekh by far stands out a drama that brought forward mystery, intrigue and now a fight to seek justice. Unlike regular love stories and Saas Bahu conflict, we have been given a refreshing story and it is certainly entertaining to watch.

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