Cheekh has been making waves since its very inception. The drama’s unique storyline evokes suspense, horror, shock and grief. The drama comes from Big Bang Entertainment and stars the very impactful and expressive actor Saba Qamar in its lead. The gripping story revolves around a murderer and the leading lady’s struggle to bring him to justice. The drama’s pacing is highly intriguing and every episode has something to offer. Wajih has confessed his crime to his sister-in-law, Mannat played by Saba Qamar.

Saba Qamar

Wajih, the villainous character is not afraid of Mannat and is now going to make her life difficult. For someone who has committed murder, this does not come as a surprise at all. Bilal Abbas has played the antagonist to perfection. He translates the expressions well and has truly put life into Wajih’s character.

Bilal Abbas and Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar’s character is headstrong, determined and courageous. She’s the woman who was out to find out the truth no matter what. Although she seems devastated and feels weak at the revelation that came like a bolt of lightening upon her, however we can tell that this courageous and bold character will be bouncing up on her feet and seeking justice soon.

The last promo of Cheekh shows us that Mannat is emotionally wrecked. She tries to confine Haya but Haya refuses to believe her as Wajih is her own brother. It appears Mannat will have to face everyone’s opposition to seek justice.

In one instance, we see her break down and tell Nayab’s father that she wont be able to help him as she knows her family will not support her however in the last instance, we see her evaluating the pros and cons of seeking justice. Mannat knows that it may cause her, her own marriage. The character says that she is only related to that house because of three words and likewise it will only take three words of divorce to end her relation with that house.


Mannat is standing at a difficult point in her life and it may lead to a family’s ruination. The drama is truly thrilling and has captured everyone’s attention! It’s Mannat against a powerful family while neither Haya nor Yawar will let Mannat touch Wajih. Yawar seems to be favoring his brother Wajih more than everyone else and there are instances where we feel like he knows the truth about Wajih but chooses to turn a blind eye because Wajih is his own brother.

The drama highlights the issue of the rich and powerful taking advantage of the weak and also the difficult decision of choosing between right and wrong when it comes to family. Wajih comes across a psychopath who thinks he can get away with anything.

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