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Wajih deals his final blow this episode as he endlessly continues to harass Mannat but this time, his actions result in something that destroys Mannat psychologically. After continuously harassing her and following her, Wajih becomes the reason that Mannat’s baby dies before even being born. This news is mourned by Mannat and Shayan and even other family members who start to realize that things are getting out of hand. We also see some court action finally and from what we were shown, things are looking grim for Mannat.

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Saba Qamar and Emmad Irfani as Mannat and Shayan respectively did a tremendous job in depicting the grief and sorrow of their characters, and since this episode largely focused on them we got to see the two actors truly shine in their roles. Acting-wise, the entire cast is top-notch and make sure that not a moment is dull in the drama.

Saba Qamar’s depiction of a mother who just lost her child is so heartfelt and beautifully tragic that it genuinely touched the audience. The entire episode showed a softer side to Mannat, that despite the strong front she puts on she still is vulnerable on the inside and Wajih finally brings that to the front due to his actions. This death could surely work in favor of Mannat as the public will feel sorry for her, but for now all the cards are stacked against her.

The court scenes which were so awaited once again showed a grim outlook for  Mannat’s side as Wajih’s lawyer ends up being far more clever and cunning than Mannat’s lawyer. Once again however, there was not much of those to satisfy the audience and we kept seeing more of the same things form previous episodes.

One thing that I really found hindering to the overall quality of the drama is the way flashbacks are used constantly every episode. No doubt they do serve an important purpose and can be extremely effective, but not in so much quantity! It just became tedious to watch flashback scenes over and over again. I really think those types of scenes should not be used so generously and only used at times when they are really required.

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While Mannat and Shayan’s arc is definitely the highlight this time. Other aspects of the drama disappointingly fell short this time as we saw a return to the same banal scenes as before. Of course, after last week’s highly exciting episode they needed to tone down but at this point it really doesn’t seem like a good idea to have below-par episodes. The audience have been watching the drama for the sake of moments like last week’s, and watching yet another scene of Wajih’s juvenile behavior is making us lose interest. Cheekh needs to return to its root message, instead of digressing from what attracted us to it in the beginning.

This loss of Mannat’s is surely going to affect her psychologically, but the way her character is I’m sure it will make her stronger than ever. Of all the female characters we have seen on Pakistani television, Mannat is by far the most unique and strong one. We are so excited to see what she will fight back with next episode!

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What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Cheekh? Do let me know in the comments!

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