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For those of you who have yet to see the episode 26 of Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas starrer Cheekh, there are major spoilers ahead. And those who have seen it can join us as we rant about the latest shock in Cheekh.

The Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas starrer developed a reputation of being a drama which gave surprises one after the other and we were all for it. However the latest surprise is something that is hard to digest. Cheekh Episode 26 aired and it killed off TV’s favorite husband. Emmad Irfani had won us over with his role as Shayan. His role had a huge impact on the plot.

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Shayan proved to be a great support system for Mannat and now he is dead courtesy Wajih. It was one thing to kill off Mannat’s mother but killing her husband is just too harsh. We loved how Emmad played the character. In fact this is one of his best and finest characters to date.His entry in the drama was late, but one that made things happen for Mannat. The chemistry the two shared was adorable and his character will truly be missed.

The drama that took off seeking justice for Nayab will be shifting focus slightly as it has added another victim to the list. The question that now arises is will this make any difference? Going by what we have seen up until now, though shaken Wajih is still adamant on not confessing. This time around Yawar will not be backing him either so he is weak.

How do you think he will meet his fate? A court battle or a confession. I think Shayan’s murder will disturb him mentally and he will come out with a confession. For the past few episodes the story had not been developing and we were looking forward to seeing something interesting. However this is something we wish had not happen.

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After Shayan’s death we hope the makers quit playing games with our heart and bring the drama to a happy conclusion with whatever little Mannat has left.

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  1. Farhan July 16, 2019

    yet wajis will confess and secondly it was not needed the death of shayan may it be wounded it was not good zanjabeel proves that balla and cheekh voth are written by same writer same types of cruelty and its after effects are shown in script