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Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas starrer, suspense thriller drama Cheekh came to a conclusion last night. The drama’s unique narrative, powerful performances and brilliant execution made it one of a kind serial. The drama was full of surprises and shocks that were heart breaking yet the drama resonated with the audiences.

5 Reasons why Cheekh became A Hit

The last episode was all about Mannat and Wajih as they face each other in an epic show down. The court room drama was the highlight of the episode. Mannat plays her cards right and presents all evidences intelligently trapping Wajih in his own lies. The confession that came as a result was a satisfying moment, one that we had all been waiting for. The way he reasons for everything he did enabled us to understand him even more. The last episode finally humanized the man we saw as a monster.

Bilal’s performance especially in that scene and throughout the episode was spectacular. Bilal Abbas donned a negative role for the first time and our dapper hero outperformed as the villainous Wajih.

Haya and Yawar’s reaction was so touching, while on one end they despised Wajih for killing Shayan, at the same time they had trouble accepting that they will again lose another brother.

The drama kept the characters relatable by keeping their reactions to the events natural.The way the story has been written, the timing of the events that occurred, the way the narrative unfolded on the whole was at par. Special mention to the writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah and director Badar Mehmood for giving us a story that has a very long shelf life. The drama carried a message and is an attempt to change mindsets, and it has been done beautifully.

Saba Qamar carried the role of Mannat with grace, her bravery, resolve, fierceness and resilience is admiring. Emmad Irfani stole our hearts with his depiction of Shayan. We were sad to see him go, but his role was very inspiring. Aijaz Aslam deserves an applause for Yawar as well, especially towards the end, his performance was brilliant and convincing. Azekah Daniel as Haya has stood out as well. Nayyer Ejaz was entertaining and Noor ul Hasan was admirable as a helpless poor father.

Cheekh’s characterization a class apart

It is the characters of Cheekh that made the drama what it is. Though there were some episodes that were dragged, over all the pacing of the drama remained crisp. Especially the beginning few episodes had us on our toes.The drama bowed out with a brilliant ending and it will certainly be remembered.

What are your thoughts on the finale?


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