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Last Night’s episode was a pleasant surprise. The episode maintained excellent pace and we were completely invested in the episode from the beginning to the end. Tables have turned and the narrative has taken a 360 degree turn. Cheekh is just one episode away from its conclusion. While there have been some slow episodes, the drama has bounced back in the latest episode. The drama regained its intense suspense filled sequences that had us on our toes when the drama first started airing.

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In an interesting turn of events Mannat manages to get under Wajih’s skin. She has decide to play dirty to get her way and its working. Her methods are still humane and to some extent justified as well. The exchange between Haya and Wajih was extremely satisfying. This was the highlight of Haya’s character and Azekah Daniel has done justice to the role.

Aijaz Aslam deserves all the applause for playing a man with paralysis as he looks so convincing. Mannat and Wajih’s face off was indulging and entertaining. Saba Qamar as always is winning us over with her performance, Mannat’s characterization is always one of its kind and she has carried it with grace. Bilal Abbas has played a classy baddie and we just love his portrayal of Wajih.

Nayyer Ejaz as DSP Amir Khan comes and goes in the drama. The episode that he is in, he amplifies the flavor of the episode. His performance was admirable and entertaining as well. Over all its the characters through which Cheekh has a variety to offer and the actors have ensured to deliver that variety and remain consistent with it throughout the drama’s run.

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Cheekh’s narrative is what makes the drama stand out. The actors have given high octane performances, their body language and dialogue delivery make the scenes impactful. As the drama is coming to a close we hope that its exit is something that will be extremely satisfying.


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