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While the theme of Cheekh has always been dark, it has now become more like sad and dull. The pace that the drama once maintained and the extreme nail biting jaw dropping plot development that got us hooked to the show has been majorly missing for the past few episodes.

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Mannat has turned the game around and taken matters in her own hands as she mourns the death of her husband. Things are getting out of control for Wajih yet his stubborness enables him to continue fighting for his freedom. Yawar gets the brunt of Karma and is left half paralyzed soaked in remorse. It is no surprise that Wajih isn’t by his side.

Cheekh has gotten slow, but considering the way events have unfolded, the makers are probably trying to keep it real by showing how every member is processing their loss and trying to live with the truth.

Nothing much happened during the episode except Yawar’s incident. Mannat is trying to get to Wajih’s head using various tricks around the house and it is working. They say revenge is best served cold, and from the looks of it Mannat is aiming for it.

Aijaz Aslam deserves praise for his performance in this one as his dialogue delivery was so convincing after Yawar’s paralysis. The episode put Haya in a lot of focus as well, and her depiction of a sister torn between what is right and her family is plausible.

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It does seem that there isn’t much left in the drama and it is progressing at a very slow rate. Cheekh’s idea and story maybe the reason for all the praise it gets, however it is now the actors who are carrying the weight of the drama. Lets just hope that the drama bows out with a fantastic ending making up to these slow episodes.

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