After the fallout of Mannat’s miscarriage, Mannat and Shayan attempt to deal with their loss, but have to simultaneously give attention to repeated attacks from the other side. Haya shows some positive change as she attempts to help Ramzan with the help of Shariq. However, the battle in the court is in favor of Wajih as his lawyer outsmarts Mannat’s lawyer by forging a suicide note to prove that Nayab had committed suicide. Overall, the highlight of this episode was Mannat and Shayan and the way they dealt with their loss, and Saba Qamar and Emmad Irfani fulfilled their roles to utter perfection!

Cheekh Episode 19 In Review.

The major aspect of this episode was mostly Mannat and Shayan’s loss, which cast them in a trickier light as they now have to deal with so much. Shayan’s conversation with Yawar was something I found interesting because while Shayan obviously is torn apart, Yawar shows hints of regret and his subsequent anger towards Wajih proved this as well. However, Yawar’s family is gradually falling apart as Haya tries to redeem herself by helping Ramzan and his family. I’m so glad Haya’s character got this redemptive arc because she has now become one of my favorite characters, and Azekah Daniel is an amazing actress with so much potential.

The sole focus of this episode was on Mannat and Shayan and the respective actors made sure to leave a lasting impression on the viewers with poignant performances! Saba Qamar has always been a talented actress but with Mannat she has shown how much range she has.

The way the court scenes are playing out are definitely anxiety-inducing! Wajih’s lawyer is certainly sharp but the episode ended with Mannat’s lawyer demanding a forensic test of Wajih to make with Nayab’s. The forging of the suicide note proves that Wajih is certainly not scared of doing illegal things to win this case, and the forensic evidence might also end up being tampered with. However, I don’t think the writer will make everything in the drama negative, because the audience really want something good to happen at this point. The writing has certainly created tension and suspense in the drama until now, but a resolution is long time coming. 

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Talking about the writing, the dialogue between Shayan and Yawar were certainly notable for how well-written and delivered they were. Although Mannat does not speak much this episode, the other characters made up for it by giving powerful delivery to each line.

There is still room to grow, but I think this episode was relatively good as it had enough dramatic tension and quieter moments that gave it a well-balanced approach. Things are certainly speeding up as far as events are concerned and Mannat has reached her last straw. After this, things won’t turn out so good for Wajih since mostly everyone has turned against him. It will be interesting to see how he deals with this, as Wajih’s character has a tendency towards rash decisions. We can’t wait for the next episode to find out more

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What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Cheekh? Do let me know in the comments!

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