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After the shocking death of Shayan, we thought Cheekh is a closed case. Wajih’s guilt has been unraveled and he will be punished for it. Much to our dismay, Mannat decides to take matters in her own hands. Instead of giving her testimony to the police she denies Wajih’s involvement in Shayan’s death. At this point, we cannot help but question whether it was really necessary?

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The drama took off on a great note with Mannat(Saba Qamar) as a strong willed woman ready to fight all odds, but later we were shown what it cost her to fight for justice.Up until now she has been wronged for supporting the truth which is a reflection of the real face of society. However Shayan’s death was a golden opportunity to get Wajih behind bars without any further drama or exaggeration however the writer chose to take a different route.

Saba Qamar and Bilal Abbas

After an extremely happening episode last week, Cheekh once again had a very slow paced one this week. Most of the episode depicted the family members mourning their loss and nothing more. Mannat and Wajih’s face off was enjoyable and her reaction after Shayan’s death is heartbreaking. Director Badar Mehmood does deserve a mention as he managed to capture the tension on screen especially between Wajih and Mannat. As always the drama had that intensity which was palpable. The dialogues were also good and declared an all out war between the protagonists.

Cheekh managed to stand out due to its narrative.The different way of story telling was admirable and deserves appreciation for it. However it has failed to remain consistent. The only saving grace of the drama right now is its talented cast who keep us hooked to our screens. Saba Qamar continues to give an effortless performance as Mannat. It was interesting to see Bilal’s character get a change in emotions as well. This new face is interesting to see. Aijaz Aslam and Azekah Daniel also deserve a mention who have been constants in supporting roles.

Bilal Abbas

Mannat’s change in strategy will be interesting to see. With Wajih feeling regret and shame over killing his brother, Mannat has the advantage that she will fully use. Lets see how long these two continue this charade before they take the final bow.

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